Stormy MayStormy was a horse trainer, riding instructor and competition judge until the day she realized that somewhere she had gone off course. She made a choice to leave behind the life she knew. She sold her ranch to fund her project, bought a video camera and plane tickets and set out on her odyssey to find a different way of doing things.

The result is the highly acclaimed ‘The Path of the Horse’ documentary. Stormy’s hope was that the movie would prompt people to re-evaluate their relationship with their horse, ask questions and share their point of view.

‘The Path of the Horse’ is being made available now online for the first time as a fundraiser for the OurHorses Community Fund. All funds generated from the online rentals will go directly to this fund. We hope to find that $5 is the right price to make the movie accessible to a world-wide audience while at the same time adding to the resources that we have available to promote the ways of being that we have found to be closest to our hearts at home, in our communities and around the world.

This fund will specifically be used for the creation of and ongoing expenses associated with the operation of OurHorses sanctuaries, educational programs, workshops, and sponsoring individuals who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience these ways of being with horses and humans.

Coming soon

After the release of ‘The Path of the Horse’ online, we will offer chances to participate with us in the creation of the new movie, ‘The Path of the Human’.

We are currently working on ‘The Path of the Human’, the sequel to ‘The Path of the Horse’. ‘The Path of the Human’ documents the life of Stormy May and her human and equine friends in a story about the life of a woman who saw something she didn’t understand and after spending over 30 years studying it, set about to create change throughout the world.

As we edit together segments, we will release them online for review.

These segments will be available as $5 downloads. Viewers’ feedback will be an important part of determining if the segment will be part of the final documentary or if it needs re-editing or removal. By asking viewers to pay for these creations as they are being worked on, we hope to have found a way to expand into doing what we love in bigger ways in the future because of the resources we have available. These $5 downloads are yours to keep. Whether or not they end up in the final movie, they are reminders of the part of the creation process that you helped fund.

We will also have various other fundraisers such as art auctions, raffles, and gift packs for sponsors at different donation levels.